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Need this Makes the Franzia look and taste better Box of Wine

Need this Makes the Franzia look and taste better Box of Wine


franzia. Laura Hayes/Thrillist

Need this! Makes the Franzia look (and taste) better - Box of Wine Cedar Barrel Dispenser

Enjoy Franzia Red Wine in a New Way || Busyqueenphils Product Feature

To develop the next big mass-market wine, winemakers first hone flavor using focus groups, then add approved flavoring and coloring additives to make the ...

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We Taste Tested Crappy Boxed Wine to Prove that Franzia is Actually the Worst

Very Important Science Finding: Put Your Boxed Wine In The Fridge


is boxed wine bad or good?

White wine (ranked from best to worst)

Boxed wines lined up on a countertop

Samantha Bakall | The Oregonian/OregonLive

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Ageability? Not-So-Much

People are saying Tide's Eco-Box looks a lot like boxed wine.

Are There Benefits to Boxed Wine?

Don't be ashamed of your box wine - put it in this beautiful serving container. Gorgeous & functional!

boxed wine

In a tasting of America's best-selling wines, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi — at only $7.59 a bottle — was our panel's favorite chardonnay.

How to Tell if Wine Has Gone Bad

Tasting Notes

Boxed wine

Franzia White Grenache Box Wine 5L

The 12 Perfect Wines For Beginning Enthusiasts

Franzia Vintner Select Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 5 L

The Misguided Pleasures of “Slap the Bag”

Here's How This Oak Bottle Makes Cheap Wine Taste Good

Howard W. Hewitt

10 Cheap Wines That Still Taste Good

Franzia Vintner Select Sweet Red, California, USA label

bota box

Franzia House Wine Favorites Sunset Blush

To persuade skeptics, Black Box is asking consumers to pour its wines at blind tasting parties.

best boxed wine

Franzia Wine

Bad News for Those of You Who, Like Us, Drank Cheap Wine Each and Every Night of Your 20s

Breaking Into The Box – The Best Boxed Wines

Tide or Franzia? People Think New Detergent Dispenser Looks Like Boxed Wine

Five boxed wines available in Ontario that are worth trying


Sight: ...

Can you actually make cheap wine taste fine? We tried two gadgets to find out

Bag in box wine: What to buy and why

trader joe's wine

Toast Your Next Meal With These Vegan Wine Brands


Samantha Bakall | The Oregonian/OregonLive

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Photo by Ken Hawkins

The Modest Pleasure of Boxed Wine

The Best Box Wine - The Reverse Wine Snob Picks!

Samantha Bakall | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Second place: Black Box Sauvignon Blanc, a refreshing white with hints of peach that kept both Lei and Emma drinking to the bottom of their glasses.

Peter Vella Moscato Sangria Box Wine 5L

2007 From the Tank Cotes-du-Rhone Vin Rouge

Speaking of the San Joaquin Valley and Napa, Fred Franzia says, “We are who we are. They want to pretend they're royalty.”

Tasting Notes

Black Box $22.99

As drinkers, we've been conditioned to believe that good wine doesn't come in boxes, much like good beer doesn't come in “vortex” bottles and good cocktails ...

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Franzia Chillable Red Table Wine5.0 L

The Winner: Trader Joe's Block Red Cabernet Sauvignon, an easy-to-drink red that everyone agreed was delicious, regardless of their experience with wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon Franzia

Welcome to "House Wine," a monthly column dedicated to exploring the best that wine has to offer under $25. This month, the panel is on the hunt for light, ...

How long does boxed wine last?

How to Serve Boxed Wine at Your Wedding (and Get Away With It!)

Picture of Remove the Bag Valve

best boxed wines

Tide or Franzia? People Think New Detergent Dispenser Looks Like Boxed Wine

We're not talking the wall of Franzia, here people. There are generally two sections of boxed wine in any grocery or liquor store: the one that consists ...

10 Reasons a Wine Cask (Wine Box) is better than a Wine Bottle – The Wine Wankers

best boxed wine

Franzia Chillable Red Box WIne 5L

boxed wine

Franzia House Wine Favourites Chillable Red Rare Red Blend Syrah Pinot Noir Zinfandel

Is Target's New $5 Wine Line Better Than Two Buck Chuck?

Picture of Remove the Bag Valve

Looks tasty! They've been remarking on how delicious the packaging makes the liquid

The wine looks “off”

The two buck chuck wine display at Trader Joe's

Here is (*drumroll*) the ~final ranking~!

bargains04107_pc.jpg Ten types of boxed wines were selected as top choices in a tasting

The Healthiest Red Wines—and Which Ones to Buy

To try and figure it out, we picked five under-$20 wines — a mix of reds, whites, and rosé — and put them through the ~Ultimate Boxed Wine Taste Test~.

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